Worksheet: Addition Polymerization

In this worksheet, we will practice defining an addition polymerization and determining the structure of an addition polymer from the monomer reactant.


Addition polymers may be made from many types of monomer. What is the most common type of monomer used to make addition polymers?

  • A Alkynes
  • B Alkanes
  • C Alcohols
  • D Alkenes
  • ECarboxylic acids


Which of the following is the best description of an addition polymer?

  • A A polymer made by linking different monomers in a well-defined sequence
  • B A polymer made by linking monomers together and releasing water or other small molecules
  • C A polymer that can be easily added to other polymers
  • D A polymer made by linking monomers together, without forming by-products
  • E A polymer that can be linked to itself to form a longer polymer

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