Worksheet: Word Problems: Addition and Subtraction with Numbers up to 1,000,000

In this worksheet, we will practice solving one- and two-step word problems by adding and subtracting numbers up to 1,000,000.


A farmer plants 200 orange trees and 300 mango trees. How many trees did the farmer plant?


Hannah is 52 years old and Charlotte is 37. What is the sum of their ages?


A builder bought two pieces of land. One had an area of 456 feddans, and the other had an area of 154 feddans. Find the total area of land bought.


If a student bought a ruler for 425piastres and a pen for 375piastres, how much did he pay?


A girl has 250 piastres. If her father gives her 400 piastres, how much money will she have?


12 dogs were in a pet show. There were 17 pets in total at the show. How many were not dogs?


There are 89 pupils in a classroom. 59 are boys. How many are girls?


There are 32 sheep in one field, and 37 sheep in another field. How many sheep are there in both fields?


William had $43. He gave his brother $36. How much money does William have left?


Victoria collected 31 shells from the beach yesterday. She gave 7 of them to her friend. How many shells does she have left?


There are 98 pupils in a classroom. 65 are boys. How many are girls?


The number of spectators during three successive soccer games were 16,502, 27,244, and 16,475. Find the total number of spectators.


To raise money for charity, 28,865 boys and 49,788 girls took part in sports activities. How many children took part in total?


84,242 spectators were inside a football stadium, and another 14,722 were queuing to get in. How many spectators had come to see the match?

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