Lesson Worksheet: Word Problems: Addition and Subtraction with Numbers up to 1,000,000 Mathematics • 4th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice solving one- and two-step word problems by adding and subtracting numbers up to 1,000,000.


The number of spectators during three successive soccer games were 16,502, 27,244, and 16,475. Find the total number of spectators.


To raise money for charity, 28,865 boys and 49,788 girls took part in sports activities. How many children took part in total?


84,242 spectators were inside a football stadium, and another 14,722 were queuing to get in. How many spectators had come to see the match?


The populations of two cities are 536,847 and 412,132. Find the difference between the populations of the two cities.


A man is buying a flat that costs 78968pounds. He has paid 6117pounds so far. How much is left to pay?


Find the difference between the greatest and smallest numbers in the list: 83,015,54,314,8,293,88,688, and 304.


Find the difference between the largest number and the smallest number that can be formed by using each of the following numbers once: 3, 8, 1, 6, 2.


46,292 letters were posted one month, and the next month 40,535 letters were posted. Find the total number of letters posted in those two months.


A man bought an aprtment for 58,729 pounds, and his friend bought another apartment for 32,265 pounds. Calculate the total price of both apartments.


In a year, 13,665 apartments were built in one governorate, and 12,556 apartments were built in another governorate. How many apartments were built in total?

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