Lesson Worksheet: Data Tables Eleven Plus

In this worksheet, we will practice reading information from data tables and inferring missing data.


Emily looked at the review ratings of 50 books on a book website. She recorded the data in a table.

1 Star2 Stars3 Stars
Fantasy 9 6 4
Crime 4 4 3

How many romance novels received 2 or more stars?

  • A7
  • B12
  • C38
  • D14
  • E0


The wins, losses, and draws of St. Mary’s Rugby Club are shown in the table.

Year Wins Losses Draws
2020 12 7 1
2021 11 9 0
2022 14 4 2

How many matches in total did the team not lose?

  • A33
  • B35
  • C37
  • D40
  • E42


The students in two years of a school have to choose between three books to read. Each class has 30 students.

The Wind in the Willows Charlotte’s Web The Hobbit
Year 5 12 7 11
Year 6 6 9

How many students chose The Hobbit?

  • A30
  • B11
  • C26
  • D18
  • E22


Julia collected the following data during a survey at her school.

Favourite Settings

80 pupils completed the survey.

How many girls chose the coast as their favourite setting?

  • A21
  • B8
  • C16
  • D19
  • E9


This table shows the populations of three cities.

BexterFive hundred and fifty thousand
Glasston65‎ ‎099
RustwoodHalf a million

Which of the following shows the cities arranged in order of population size, starting with the smallest?

  • AGlasston, Bexter, Rustwood
  • BGlasston, Rustwood, Bexter
  • CBexter, Glasston, Rustwood
  • DBexter, Rustwood, Glasston
  • ERustwood, Bexter, Glasston


Look at this table showing the performance of the school netball team.

2017 3101
2018 652
2019 851

How many matches in total did the team not lose?

  • A24
  • B19
  • C20
  • D17
  • E21


In a survey, 100 residents of Summertown answered the question below.

Do you like living in Summertown?

How many children said that they like living in Summertown?

  • A35
  • B3
  • C23
  • D22
  • E32


This news report is misleading.



  • AIt suggests a big win for the local MP, but more people voted against her than for her.
  • BThe voting figures might not be correct.
  • CIt suggests a big win for the local MP, but nearly as many people voted for the person in second place.
  • DIt does not mention all of the candidates who stood in the election.
  • EIt appeared in the newspapers before the votes were counted.

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