Lesson Worksheet: Subtracting Money: GBP Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice subtracting within 100 to find the difference between two amounts of money in either pounds or pence.


What is the difference in price between the bicycle and the shirt?


Liam has £60. Benjamin has £20. How much more does Liam have than Benjamin?


Amelia has 80p. She spends 50p. How much does she have left?


Anthony has 10p. He bought the given toy. How much does he have left?


Look at the prices of the items.

Find the difference in price between the two items.


What is £4 and 60p take away £4 and 20p?


Noah has this note.

He wants to buy goods for £3. How much will he have after buying the goods?


Find the difference between the two amounts of money.


Matthew has £21. How much will he have after buying a movie-theater ticket?


Which of these subtractions shows a difference of 37p?

  • A7851pp
  • B6932pp
  • C5423pp

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