Lesson Worksheet: Word Problems: Unit Conversion Mathematics • 5th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice solving word problems by converting between metric units of length, mass, or capacity.


How many 12-ounce bags of nuts can be filled from a 3-pound one?


2.6 kg of sugar is spilled out of a 10 kg bag. How many grams of sugar are left?


Chloe made 1.25 liters of orange juice. 0.75 liters dropped out of the bottle.

How many milliliters are left?


2 kg of compost is divided among 5 trees. How many grams of compost does each tree get?


A garden hose is 9 meters long. A flower bed is 12.5 meters away from the water tap. How many centimeters longer does the hose need to be?


Ethan is trying to drink 1.8 liters of water every day. Given that Ethan drank 987 milliliters of water one morning, how many milliliters of water should he drink during the rest of the day.


The distance between Daniel’s school and his home is 5 km. If he has walked 844 m, how many metres are left?


The given table shows the number of soda bottles sold in Mr. Ethan’s shop yesterday. Did he sell more than 100,000 mL?

Number Sold1537
  • AYes
  • BNo


David has a rectangular garden of 325 cm by 120 cm and he wants to surround it with a fence. How many meters of fence does he need?


Yesterday, Charlotte went to the supermarket and bought 3.5 liters of milk and 4 liters of juice. What is the total capacity of the products she bought, in milliliters?

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