Lesson Worksheet: Decomposing Fractions Mathematics • 4th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice writing a fraction as a sum of unit fractions and decomposing a fraction into a sum of fractions with the same denominator.


Use the given model to write 68 as a sum of unit fractions.

  • A18+18+18+18+18
  • B28+48
  • C18+18+18+18+18+18
  • D38+38
  • E18+18+18+18+18+18+18


Complete the following: 34=++.

  • A31+31+31
  • B14+14+14
  • C41+41+41
  • D14+13+14
  • E13+13+13


Fill in the blank: 34=4+14.


Write 56 as a sum of unit fractions.

  • A16+16+16+16+16
  • B16+16+16+16
  • C26+36
  • D16+46
  • E16+16+16+16+16+16


Find the missing fraction: 36=+26.

  • A36
  • B63
  • C16
  • D26
  • E13


Hannah wants to decompose 1112. Her friend helps her decompose it as a sum of unit fractions, as shown: 112+112+112+112+112+112+112+112+112+112+112.

What other way can you use to help Hannah decompose 1112?

  • A512+612
  • B112+112+112+112+112+112+112+112+112+112
  • C511+611
  • D612+612


Complete the following: 35=+.

  • A15+15
  • B25+25
  • C15+25
  • D16+26


Fares needs to plant three types of vegetables in 45 of his garden. Help him decompose his part of the garden into three fractions.

  • A15+25+15
  • B15+15+15
  • C16+26+16
  • D25+25+15


Using the given cherry model, find the missing fraction.

  • A311
  • B911
  • C211
  • D111


Use the fraction strip to write 29 as a sum of unit fractions.

  • A19+19
  • B19+29
  • C19+19+19
  • D19

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