Worksheet: Unit Fractions of a Quantity

In this worksheet, we will practice finding unit fractions of an amount or a quantity using visual models and explaining how this relates to division by the denominator.


There were 15 birds on a tree, but a third of them flew away. Find the number of the birds that flew away.


Fill in the blank: 12 of 18=.


Fill in the blank: 12 of 8=.


In a bag of marbles, there are 12 marbles. 14 of them are blue. How many blue marbles are there?

  • A6 marbles
  • B3 marbles
  • C2 marbles
  • D4 marbles


Fill in the blank: 12 of 6=.


On a bus, there are 10 passengers. 12 of them are children. How many children are there?


A box contains 6 equal pieces of cheese. What fraction of the contents does each piece of cheese make up?

  • A16
  • B6
  • C7
  • D17


What fraction of the circles are shaded?

  • A16
  • B18
  • C1
  • D17


I threw away 12 kilograms of trash but recycled 12 of it. How much trash did I recycle?


Fill in the blank: 14 of 20=.


There was 30 mL of pop in my bottle, but I spilled 13 of it. How much did I spill?

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