Lesson Worksheet: Column Addition with Three or More Decimals Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice adding three or more decimal numbers with up to two decimal places using the column method.


Evaluate the following: 1.25+2.06+4.41+1.23


Calculate the following: 1.5+2.23+3.25


Calculate the following: 4.52+2.33+3.12


Find the result of 5.22+6.04+1.87.


Find the result of the following: 1.2+3.14+4.1+6.55


Sophia decided to run for 3 days in a row. She ran 5.1 kilometers on the first day, 2.3 kilometers on the second day, and 7.9 kilometers on the third day. How many kilometers did she run in the 3 days?


Three pieces of cloth are 2.27 meters, 1.1 meters, and 3.39 meters in length respectively. Find the total length of the three pieces of cloth.


Here are the average weights of three babies.

BabiesBaby 1Baby 2Baby 3
Weights in Kilograms4.195.086.24

Find the total of all the given weights.


Fady wants to find out the total amount of cash needed for the receipt. complete the column addition to help Fady.



Find the result of the following addition: 1.7+2.16+3.87+1.18

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