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Lesson Worksheet: Volumes of Triangular Prisms Mathematics • 7th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice finding volumes of triangular prisms and solving problems including real-life situations.


Determine the volume of the given triangular prism.


The shape in the figure is to be submerged in water. How much water, in cubic centimeters, would be displaced by the prism?


Work out the volume of the triangular prism shown.

  • A54 units3
  • B18 units3
  • C60 units3
  • D27 units3
  • E108 units3


Work out the volume of the triangular prism shown.

  • A210 units3
  • B130 units3
  • C140 units3
  • D840 units3
  • E420 units3


A triangular prism of volume 132 yd3 has height 11 yd. If the triangular section has altitude 6 yd, what is this triangle’s base?


The triangular section of a triangular prism has base length of 9 ft and altitude 6 ft. If the prism has height 5 ft, what is its volume?


Given that the triangular prisms shown are similar and that the volume of the bigger prism is 2,112 in3, determine the volume of the smaller prism.


Find, to the nearest tenth, the volume of the solid formed by the given net.


Work out the volume of the right triangular prism shown.


The bigger triangular prism has a volume of 6,400 cubic meters. The dimensions of the smaller prism are one-fourth of the dimensions of the bigger prism. What is the volume of the smaller prism?

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