Worksheet: Multiplying Nonunit Fractions by Whole Numbers

In this worksheet, we will practice using models and repeated addition to multiply a nonunit fraction by a whole number and writing multiples of nonunit fractions.


A librarian is categorizing the 950 books in his library. He finds that 35 of the books are religious, 310 are literature, and 110 are science books. How many literature books does he have in his library?


There are 60 students in a class, 34 of whom are boys. 35 of the boys have blue eyes. How many of the boys do not have blue eyes?


A man had 600 LE that he shared between the members of his family. The table shows the fraction of the money each person received. How much money did he give Liam?

Family MembersLiamJenniferElizabethNatalie


A winemaker has produced 1,200 liters of wine. How many three-quarter-liter bottles will she need to bottle this production?


The water level in Mason’s pond changes by 38 of an inch every two years. How much will the water level have changed after six years?

  • A98 of an inch
  • B18 of an inch
  • C348 of an inch
  • D188 of an inch


Calculate eleven-fourths of 1,000.


Daniel is one-fourth the age of his father, and Michael’s age is three-quarters that of Daniel. Given that their father is 64 years old, find their ages.

  • ADaniel’s age = 16 years, Michael’s age = 12 years
  • BDaniel’s age = 16 years, Michael’s age = 48 years
  • CDaniel’s age = 12 years, Michael’s age = 16 years
  • DDaniel’s age = 48 years, Michael’s age = 16 years


Olivia had 70 LE to spend at the market. She spent 25 of her money on meat and 15 of her money on vegetables. How much did she spend in total?


Victoria wants to finish 89 of a book by the end of this week. The book has 271 pages. About how many pages does she need to read to finish on time?


Benjamin usually drinks at least eight glasses of water per day. About how many glasses of water would he drink if he drank 23 the number of glasses he usually drinks?

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