Lesson Worksheet: Operations with Matrices Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice adding and subtracting matrices and multiplying them by a constant, which is called scalar multiplication of a matrix.


Given that 𝑋𝑌=0863,𝑋𝑌=616019, what are 𝑋 and 𝑌?

  • A𝑋=312311, 𝑌=3438
  • B𝑋=624622, 𝑌=1214
  • C𝑋=68616, 𝑌=0863
  • D𝑋=624622, 𝑌=0863


Consider the matrix 𝐴=1151310. Suppose the sum of matrices 𝐴 and 𝐵 is 𝐴+𝐵=101012. Find the matrix 𝐵.

  • A0161302
  • B2161322
  • C2161322
  • D0141302
  • E2161322


Find [121]+[282].

  • A1103
  • B[3103]
  • C[3101]
  • D[1103]
  • E3101


Given that 𝑋=321588,𝑌=189972,𝑍=387085, what is the matrix 3𝑋+𝑌3𝑍?

  • A1222764111
  • B19115374
  • C0114384
  • D1926156741


Evaluate 81137+10131.

  • A2110108
  • B181068
  • C18732
  • D181008
  • E184148


Solve for matrix 𝑋 in the matrix equation 3𝑋+𝐵=𝐶, where 𝐵 and 𝐶 are 𝐵=57108,𝐶=8227.

  • A391215
  • B661518
  • C1345
  • D1345
  • E012114


Suppose the sum 𝐴+𝐵+𝐶 exists. We also know that 𝐴 has 2 rows and 𝐶 has 3 columns. What can we say about matrix 𝐵?

  • A𝐵 is a 1×3 matrix.
  • B𝐵 is a 3×2 matrix.
  • C𝐵 is a 3×3 matrix.
  • D𝐵 is a 2×3 matrix.
  • E𝐵 is a 2×2 matrix.


Find 79508520.

  • A11430
  • B15430
  • C11470
  • D151470


Given that both 𝐴 and 𝐵 have the order 1×2, determine the order of the matrix 6𝐴6𝐵.

  • A1×2
  • B2×1
  • C6×12
  • D6×6


If the matrix 𝐴 is added to a zero matrix of the same size, is the result equal to matrix 𝐴?

  • AYes
  • BNo

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