Lesson Worksheet: Environment and Energy Use Science • 4th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice identifying and describing the impact that energy use has on the environment.


Which greenhouse gas is produced when fossil fuels are burned?

  • AOxygen
  • BCarbon dioxide
  • CNitrogen
  • DHelium


Which of the following are examples of water pollution?

  • AOil from oil rigs in the ocean
  • BChemicals from power plants
  • CAnimal waste from farms
  • DAll of the above


How can wind turbines damage the environment?

Wind Turbine Farms
  • AThe propellers can kill birds.
  • BThe air around them is heated.
  • CThey emit greenhouse gases.
  • DThe habitat below them is destroyed.


Greenhouse gases can trap the Sun’s heat, causing the atmosphere to warm. Which is an example of a greenhouse gas?

  • ACarbon dioxide
  • BHydrogen
  • CHelium
  • DOxygen


Some fish migrate upstream in a river to lay their eggs. Below is a dam. What impact does a dam have on fish?

River, dam
  • AIt provides food for the fish.
  • BIt can help the fish to migrate upstream.
  • CIt can block the fish from migrating upstream.
  • DIt allows water to flow freely for the fish.


Humans have released so many different chemicals into the air that they have changed the mix of gases in the atmosphere. Power plants release sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide when they burn fossil fuels, such as coal, to produce electricity. These pollutants cause acid rain. What name is given to this type of pollution?

  • ANoise pollution
  • BAir pollution
  • CRadioactive pollution


Air pollution affects human’s health. Which of the listed diseases is not caused by air pollution?

Asian boy wearing mouth mask against air pollution
  • ACancer
  • BDiabetes
  • CAsthma


Select the picture that represents pollution.

  • A
    pollution from the exhaust of cars
  • B
    First spring flowers crocus
  • C
    Summer landscape with hilly green field
  • D
    Underwater scene. Coral reef, fish groups


Which of the following is caused by the use of nuclear energy?

  • AReleasing cold water into the environment, which can damage some habitats
  • BNegatively impacting bird habitats by making an area unsafe for birds to fly in
  • CReleasing greenhouse gases into the environment, such as carbon dioxide
  • DProducing harmful waste that takes thousands of years to decompose


Which of the following energy uses does not release harmful emissions into the air?

  • ANuclear energy
  • BFossil fuels
  • CPower plants

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