Worksheet: The Life Cycle of Flowering Plants: How Seeds Are Dispersed

In this worksheet, we will practice describing the ways in which seeds are formed in a plant and the ways that they are dispersed.


Which agent of pollination is shown in this photograph?

Wind-72 ppi
  • AWater
  • BWind
  • CAnimals


These coconut palms are growing on the banks of the River Nile. How were the coconut seeds dispersed?

Coconut palms - 72 ppi
  • AThe seeds were planted by humans.
  • BThe wind blew the coconuts.
  • CCoconuts stuck to the fur of animals and were dropped on the ground.
  • DThe seeds were dispersed in the water.


The photograph shows a milkweed pod releasing its seeds.

How are these seeds dispersed?

A seed pod explodes-72 ppi
  • ABy wind
  • BBy explosion
  • CBy animals


These ripe raspberries have seeds inside them. How are these seeds dispersed?

Fruits and flowers-Cropped
  • ABy wind
  • BBy animals
  • CBy explosion


The fruit of this cocklebur plant is covered with hooked spines.

Cocklebur - 72 ppi

Choose the most likely method by which the seeds are dispersed.

  • AThey fall from the plant.
  • BThey are blown in the wind.
  • CThey are eaten by a bird.
  • DThey are carried on animal fur.


Dandelion seeds are also called parachute seeds. Each parachute, or group of hairs, carries a seed.

Which type of seed dispersal is this plant designed for?

Dandelion seeds - Parachute seeds 2 - 72 ppi
  • AAnimal
  • BExplosion
  • CWind
  • DWater


The seeds of the maple tree have specially adapted wings.

Which type of seed dispersal does this plant use?

  • AWater
  • BGravity
  • CWind
  • DAnimals


Use the table to identify which plants disperse their seeds in water.

  • ABlackberry and beggar-ticks
  • BMilkweed and dandelion
  • CViolet, jewelweed, and witch hazel
  • DCoconut and cattail

Which type of dispersal is most likely for maple seeds?

  • AWind
  • BWater
  • CAnimals
  • DExplosion


When apples are ripe and heavy, they fall from the tree to the ground. What is the name of this type of seed dispersal?

  • AWind dispersal
  • BWater dispersal
  • CGravity
  • DAnimal dispersal


Which of the following statements is true about seed dispersal?

  • ASeed dispersal helps prevent overcrowding the roots of a plant.
  • BSeed dispersal helps plants grow in new areas.
  • CBoth of these are true.


Jennifer was sitting in her yard when she saw a poppy seed explode and the seeds burst out. How will this explosion help the plant?

  • AFarmers will not have to plant lots of seeds.
  • BThe seeds will spread across a wide area to help grow lots of new plants.
  • CJennifer will not have to plant any poppy seeds.
  • DBirds will have more food to eat.


This diagram shows the main way by which the seeds of a pea plant are dispersed in the wild. Which of the following choices best explains this type of seed dispersal?

  • AAnimals eat the peas and move around.
  • BThe skin of the fruit explodes, spreading the seeds.
  • CThe wind blows the peas out of their pods.


Which stage is missing from the given picture of the life cycle of a flowering tomato plant?

  • AFlowering
  • BFruiting
  • CSeed dispersal
  • DSprouting


What stage in the life cycle of a plant comes after fruiting?

  • APollination
  • BSeed dispersal
  • CFlowering
  • DFertilization


This plant has hooked fruit.

How can animals help this plants reproduce (make new plants)?

Burdock Folk - hooked fruit - 72ppi
  • AThe fruits are eaten by animals.
  • BThe fruits hook onto animals’ fur and are carried away to a new location.
  • CThe fruits hook onto the plant and stay in the same location.


Bees carry pollen from plant to plant to help make new seeds.

Which part of the plant contains seeds?

  • AThe fruit
  • BThe leaf
  • CThe flower
  • DThe stem


The figure shows two ways that animals help plants grow new plants.

How is the bird helping the plant make new plants?

  • AThe bird is eating the seeds.
  • BThe bird is eating the fruit.
  • CThe bird eats the seeds and passes them as waste onto the ground.

How is the dog helping the plant grow new plants?

  • AThe dog is eating the seeds.
  • BThe dog will pass the seeds as waste.
  • CThe seeds which are stuck to the dog’s fur will fall onto the ground.


Animals eat fruits, nuts, and seeds. This helps the plant disperse the seeds and grow new plants.

What does disperse mean?

  • APlant
  • BSpread
  • CGrow


How do animals help in planting new seeds?

  • AAnimals eat the fruit.
  • BAnimals pass seeds as waste onto the ground.
  • CAnimals eat the seeds.

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