Lesson Worksheet: Consumers and Decomposers Science

In this worksheet, we will practice explaining the indirect importance of sunlight for consumers and decomposers.


Fill in the blank: A is an organism that gets its food by feeding on other organisms.

  • Aconsumer
  • Bproducer


Which organism usually gets food by feeding on other organisms?

  • AConsumer
  • BDecomposer
  • CProducer


Consider the following statements:

Producers get their energy directly from .

Consumers get their energy indirectly from .

Decomposers get their energy indirectly from .

Which word fills in the blanks above?

  • ADecomposers
  • BConsumers
  • CSunlight
  • DOxygen
  • EProducers


Fill in the blanks: Animals like cows feed on , and animals like tigers feed on that previously fed on producers, while feeds on dead plants and animals. Therefore, all consumers and decomposers depend on producers to get their either directly or indirectly.

  • Aconsumers, producers, energy, decomposers
  • Bproducers, decomposers, food, consumers
  • Cconsumers, decomposers, energy, producers
  • Dproducers, consumers, a decomposer, food


Which type of organism can make its own food?

  • AProducer
  • BDecomposer
  • CConsumer


Fill in the blank: A decomposer is an organism that .

  • Acan use photosynthesis to produce its own food
  • Bbreaks down dead or decaying organic material
  • Cabsorbs its food from the soil
  • Dusually gets food by feeding on other organisms


Look at the lists of types of organisms.

List 1List 2List 3
Flowering plants

Which one is a list of decomposers?

  • AList 3
  • BList 1
  • CList 2


Jackson thinks that decomposers are not economically important. Amelia and Madison disagree with Jackson.

Who gives an example that proves Jackson wrong?

  • AMadison
  • BAmelia
  • CBoth of them
  • DNeither of them


Look at these pictures of different organisms.

Which ones are consumers?

  • AFungi and bacteria only
  • BDog, lizard, and shark only
  • CDog, lizard, shark, fungi, and bacteria
  • DRosebush
  • EBacteria and dog only


Fill in the blanks: make their own food, whereas and have to feed on other organisms.

  • ADecomposers, consumers, producers
  • BConsumers, producers, decomposers
  • CProducers, decomposers, consumers

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