Worksheet: Energy and Fuel

In this worksheet, we will practice recognizing that energy and fuel come from renewable and nonrenewable natural sources.


Which of the following statements is false?

  • AFossil fuels create air pollution.
  • BFossil fuels do not harm the environment.
  • CFossil fuels can not be replaced when we have used them all up.
  • DBurning fossil fuels causes acid rain.


Which greenhouse gas is produced when fossil fuels are burned?

  • ACarbon dioxide
  • BNitrogen
  • CHelium
  • DOxygen


What is the world’s most used renewable power source?

  • AWind power
  • BSolar energy
  • CHydropower


Where would you expect to find a hydropower plant?

  • AClose to sources of moving water such as rivers and waterfalls
  • BIn locations where there is lots of wind
  • CIn countries with the most hours of sunlight
  • DNext to a coal mine


What name is given to the energy created from moving water?

  • ANuclear energy
  • BSolar energy
  • CWind power
  • DHydropower


Fossil fuels are classified as nonrenewable resources. Once they have been used up, they will be gone forever.

In the future, we will need alternative sources of energy. Which of the following is an example of a renewable energy source?

  • ACoal
  • BOil
  • CWind
  • DGas


The bar graph below shows the world energy consumption in 2017. Energy use is measured in MTOE (million tonnes of oil equivalent) units.

Which country consumes (uses) the most energy?

  • AIndia
  • BUnited States
  • CIndonesia
  • DChina


The photograph shows solar panels being used to create electricity.

Where does the energy that solar panels use come from?

Solar panels with the sunny sky-72 ppi
  • AWater
  • BNatural gas
  • CThe wind
  • DThe Sun

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