Worksheet: Electric Current

In this worksheet, we will practice converting between electrical current and the number of electrons or total charge delivered in a given time.


Calculate the charge of 1.000 mole of electrons.

  • A2.660×10 C
  • B9.649×10 C
  • C5.486×10 C
  • D1.036×10 C
  • E6.242×10 C


Calculate the number of electrons in 1.000 coulomb of electrical charge.

  • A6.242×10
  • B1.098×10
  • C6.022×10
  • D1.823×10
  • E9.109×10


An electric current of 0.211 mA passes through an electrolytic cell for 2.00 minutes. How many moles of electrons have passed through the cell?

  • A2.62×10 mol
  • B2.19×10 mol
  • C1.39×10 mol
  • D1.16×10 mol
  • E1.57×10 mol

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