Worksheet: Subtracting Tens on a Number Line

In this worksheet, we will practice subtracting multiples of ten from a two-digit number using a number line with numbers up to 100.


Subtract 30 from 78. Use the number line to help you.


Find the missing number.


You can use a number line to subtract.

Take away ones by counting back in ones.

Take away tens by counting back in tens.

Use number lines to find these differences.

  • A28
  • B37
  • C38

  • A5
  • B50
  • C14


Emma is subtracting on a number line.

Pick the calculation she is working on.

  • A 8 2 5 0
  • B 8 2 5
  • C 8 2 5 5

What is the answer?


Count back in 10s from 90 to find 9030.


Calculate 9060.

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