Worksheet: Adding and Subtracting Money: GBP

In this worksheet, we will practice solving two-step problems by adding and subtracting within 100 to find things like total cost, change received, and money spent.


Charlotte has £20. Her sister Elizabeth gives her £8. Charlotte spends £24 to buy some clothes. How much money does she have left?


Benjamin has £30. He wants to buy the items shown.

How much money will he have left after buying these items?


Hannah has £20. She spends £5 on a snack and £4 on a drink. How much money is left?


Jackson bought a salad, fries, and an ice cream. Use the table to find out how much he paid in total.


James has £42. His sister Charlotte has £46. They decided to put their money together to buy a jacket for their father on his birthday. They received a change of £32. How much does the jacket cost?


James received £7 from his father and £5 from his mother on his birthday. How much will he have after buying a game for £9?


Daniel bought two toys. His sister Chloe bought one toy. How much more does Daniel pay than Chloe?


Madison has a £20 note and three £1 coins. How much money will she have left after buying an item for £12?


Noah has this note on him.

His friend Ethan has £1 more than him.

How much does Ethan have?

How much do they have together?

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