Worksheet: Adding Decimals with Hundredths: The Column Method

In this worksheet, we will practice using the column method to add numbers with two decimal places with and without regrouping.


Calculate 16.34+83.1.


Calculate the following: 0.96+0.19.


A lion ate 11.4 kg of meat one day and 14.6 kg of meat the next day. How many kilograms of meat did it eat across the two days?

  • A3.2 kg
  • B2.6 kg
  • C16.64 kg
  • D26 kg


Calculate the following: 61.45+26.48.


Between 2017 and 2050, the world’s population is expected to increase by 2.3 billion. Given that the world’s population in 2017 was 7.5 billion, what is the predicted population in 2050?

  • A10 billion
  • B9.5 billion
  • C9.53 billion
  • D9.8 billion
  • E9.6 billion


The table below represents the products that a person bought from a mall. Find the total amount he spent, giving your answer to the nearest ten pounds.

ItemSoapWashing PowderPerfumesMeatClothesVegetables
Price (Pounds)92.7585.2578.75159.50372.7541.25


It is 𝑥 miles from Daniel’s home to his school, and 𝑦 miles from the school to the market. If 𝑥=4.23 and 𝑦=16.876, how many miles is the journey from Daniel’s home to the market, going via the school?


Training for a marathon, Jacob runs 4.5 miles in the morning and 2.5 miles in the evening. How many miles does he run in two weeks?


A person bought 3 and a quarter kilograms of green beans and 4 and a half kilograms of potatoes. How many kilograms did he carry?


Find 56.38+27.94. 56.38+27.94


Use the column method to solve the following: 23.52+35.21


One basket contains 12.45 kg of apples. Another basket contains 54.67 kg of apples. What is the total mass of the apples in the baskets?

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