Lesson Worksheet: Subtracting Integers Mathematics • 7th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice understanding subtraction, subtracting one- or two-digit integers, and applying this to real-life situations.


Fill in the blank: 15=.


Fill in the blank: 19=.


Anthony’s golf score was 4 strokes less than Michael’s golf score, which was 4 strokes more than Jacob’s. If Jacob’s score relative to par was +9, what was Anthony’s golf score?


Complete the following to describe the relation between addition and subtraction: 3(5)=3+.


The freezing point of bromine is 7C, while the freezing point of methane is 182C. How much warmer is bromine’s freezing point than methane’s?



  • A4
  • B4
  • C10
  • D6
  • E10


The Mayan civilization is believed to have begun in 2600 BCE and collapsed in 900 CE. How long did the Mayan civilization last?


The First Messenian War was one between Messenia and Sparta in Ancient Greece. It began in 743 BCE and ended in 724 BCE. How long did the First Messenian War last?


Calculate the following: 20(4).


Benjamin jumped from a ramp 5 meters high into the water and ended up 10 meters below the surface.

Write an addition expression that describes the distance he traveled.

  • A5+(10)
  • B(10)+(5)
  • C5+10

Write a subtraction expression that describes the distance he traveled.

  • A5(10)
  • B(10)5
  • C510

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