Worksheet: Zeroth-Order Rate Plots

In this worksheet, we will practice plotting concentration–time data for zeroth-order reactions to calculate the rate constants and initial concentrations.


During a reaction, the rate of reaction 𝑅 and the concentration of a reactant A are measured as functions of the reaction time, 𝑡 . All other reactants are in large excess. Which of the following graphs would not produce a straight line if the reaction is of the zeroth order with respect to A ?

  • A 𝑅 against [ ] 𝑡 A
  • B 1 𝑅 against 𝑡
  • C 1 [ ] A against 1 𝑡
  • D [ A ] against l n 𝑡
  • E 1 𝑅 against l n 𝑡

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