Worksheet: Types of Sampling

In this worksheet, we will practice simple random sampling, stratified sampling, and cluster sampling.


Which type of random sample is used for selecting a sample from one strata of society?

  • Asimple random sample
  • Bstratified random sample


In what sort of sampling does the researcher divide the population into separate groups called strata, then draw a probability sample from each group?

  • Asystematic sampling
  • Bstratified sampling
  • Ccluster sampling
  • Dmultistage sampling
  • Esimple random sampling


Which type of random sample should be used to determine the subject preferences of a group of 400 students given the ratio of males to females is 32?

  • Asimple random sample
  • Bstratified random sample


Which type of random sample can be used to study the level of qualifications in a society divided into lower class, middle class and upper class?

  • Astratified random sample
  • Bsimple random sample


For a school project, three students need to produce a sample of students at their school. Which of the following methods leads to a random sample?

  • ANumbering all the students and produce the sample from a random list of numbers
  • BCalling for volunteers at the school assembly
  • CCalling for volunteers via social media
  • DAsking each of their friends to name three further friends
  • EWriting the names of all students they know in a list


A third-grade and a fifth-grade teacher looked at the number of words per sentence in the texts written by their respective students. Two random samples were generated from their data, as shown in the diagram.

Is it possible to decide from which data set each sample has been generated?

  • ANo
  • BYes

Sample I was generated from third-grade students and sample II from fifth-grade students. Do you think these samples could be used to compare the average number of words per sentence of the two populations they are extracted from?

  • ANo
  • BYes


Olivia goes to a large high school. She is doing a survey on how the students in grade 10 use their money. She asks 30 students, selected at random from grade 10, how much they spend per month on clothes.

What is the population being investigated?

  • Astudents in grade 10 in Olivia’s school
  • B30 students in grade 10
  • Cstudents in Olivia’s class
  • Dstudents in Olivia’s school
  • Eall high school students


Three different toys are stored in a warehouse. There are 15,000 toys in total and the number of each is shown in the table.

Kind of ToysBearsDollsCars
Number of Toys2,0006,0007,000

A stratified sample of all the toys is taken and 420 cars are selected. Calculate the total number of toys in the sample.

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