Worksheet: Ka to Kb Conversions

In this worksheet, we will practice converting between the dissociation constants of conjugate acid–base pairs via the autoionization constant of water.


At 25C, the value of 𝐾b for the nitrite ion (NO)2 is 2.17×10 and the self-ionization constant of water is 1.00×10. Calculate, to three significant figures, the value of 𝐾a for the conjugate acid of the nitrite ion.

  • A2.17×10
  • B2.17×10
  • C1.63×10
  • D4.61×10
  • E3.99×10


What is the ionization constant of the weak acid CHNH33+, which is the conjugate acid of the base CHNH32? Take the 𝐾b of CHNH33 to be 4.4×10.

  • A4.4×10
  • B2.3×10
  • C2.3×10
  • D2.3×10
  • E3.0×10

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