Lesson Worksheet: Evidence of Change Science • 4th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice identifying which Earth processes disrupt rock strata and describing how scientists use certain layers to determine events in the geologic history of Earth.


Fill in the blank: Mass extinction occurs when a large number of species .

  • Aevolve at the same time
  • Bare found in several different layers in rock strata
  • Cbecome extinct at the same time
  • Dshow up in the fossil record at the same time


Which of these best describes a key bed in rock strata?

  • AThe youngest layer of rock strata
  • BA layer of rock strata with unique characteristics
  • CA layer of rock strata that looks like other layers
  • DThe oldest layer of rock strata


What do the fossils in the picture below tell us about the layer of rock they are in?

  • ABears lived in the same area.
  • BThe area has always been above water.
  • CThe area was once covered in water.


Earth’s processes can disrupt layers of rock. Which process disrupted the layers in the picture below?

Rocks layers
  • AA volcano
  • BA flood
  • CAn earthquake
  • DA meteorite


Fill in the blank: The K-T boundary is a famous example of a .

  • Afossil
  • Bmass extinction
  • Ckey bed


Below is a diagram of rock layers. Which of these creates rock layers?

  • ADeposits of dead marine life
  • BSediments from a flood
  • CVolcanic ash
  • DAll of the above


The picture below shows an igneous rock that has disrupted the rock layers. What process caused this?

  • AVolcanic activity
  • BErosion
  • CAn earthquake
  • DFlooding

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