Lesson Worksheet: Work Done by a Constant Force Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice calculating the work done by a constant force acting on a particle.


A body of mass 0.9 kg moved a distance of 25 cm while accelerating at 8 cm/s2. Find the work done 𝑊 in ergs.

  • A𝑊=2.21×10ergs
  • B𝑊=180ergs
  • C𝑊=1.8×10joules
  • D𝑊=2.21×10joules
  • E𝑊=1.8×10ergs


A body moves in a straight line against a resistance force of 360 N. Find the work done by this force over the displacement S, where ||=390Sm.


The figure shows a force 𝐹 of magnitude 2 N and the displacement 𝑠=16m covered by a body acted on by the force. Find the work done by the force.

  • A8 J
  • B16 J
  • C163 J
  • D32 J


How much work is done by a force of magnitude 200 newtons and direction 30 degrees from the horizontal which slides a crate 20 meters horizontally along a dock? Give your answer to two decimal places.


A body of mass 27 kg was placed at the top of a smooth inclined plane of height 4.5 m. It slid down the line of the greatest slope until it reached the bottom of the plane. Calculate the work done by the weight of this body, given that the acceleration due to gravity 𝑔=9.8/ms.


Calculate the work done, in kilojoules, to lift 50 m3 of water to a height of 6 m, given that the density of water is 1,000 kg/m3. Take 𝑔=9.8/ms.

  • A300 kJ
  • B490 kJ
  • C2,940 kJ
  • D58.8 kJ


A force acted on a body of mass 400 g which had been at rest causing it to accelerate at 36 cm/s2. If the work done by this force was 0.72 joules, find the distance the body moved.


A car is moving on a straight road with a constant velocity of 12 km/h. Given that the force generated by the engine of the car is 36 kg-wt, find the work done by the resistance of the road in one minute.


A construction worker of mass 100 kg is carrying some bricks up a ladder of height 15 m. If the work done by the construction worker in climbing the ladder is 20,433 J, find the mass of bricks. Take 𝑔=9.8/ms.


A body of mass 900 g was projected vertically upwards at 6.4 m/s. Find the work done by the weight of the body during the first 5 seconds of the motion of the body. Take 𝑔=9.8/ms.

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