Lesson Worksheet: Rocks and Their Properties Science • 2nd Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice identifying types of rocks based on their properties and their uses.


The table shows the properties of some common rocks.

Which rock would be the best to use to make roof tiles?

Soft, permeable, and easy to crumbleWaterproof (impermeable) and can be split into thin piecesHeavy, shiny, and waterproof
  • AMarble
  • BChalk
  • CSlate


We can test how permeable a rock is by placing it in water. If the rock soaks up water, it releases air bubbles.

Which two rocks shown are permeable?

  • AMarble and granite
  • BChalk and sandstone
  • CSandstone and marble


Rocks can be classified according to a hardness scale. The hardest rocks cannot be scratched. Softer rocks can be scratched with a fingernail or a coin.

A class tested four rocks by scratching them with their fingernails, a coin, a knife, and a shard of glass. They recorded their results in the table shown.

Rose quartz

Order the rocks from hardest to softest using the results given.

  • ADiamond, rose quartz, apatite, talc
  • BTalc, apatite, rose quartz, diamond
  • CRose quartz, diamond, talc, apatite


David tested different materials for hardness by scratching them with his fingernail, a coin, a knife, and a shard of glass.

He figured out that diamond was the hardest rock tested. What evidence does he have to support his statement?

Rose quartz
  • AThe diamond could not be scratched by the fingernail, coin, knife, or glass.
  • BThe diamond could only be scratched by the fingernail.
  • CThe diamond could only be scratched by the coin and the knife.


Michael has four different types of rocks. He is testing the rocks to see which soak up water.

He slowly drops water onto each rock.

Dropping water on different types of rocks - updated

Which word is used to describe rocks that soak up water?

  • ATransparent
  • BPermeable
  • COpaque


This rock is called slate.

Isolated sample of a black slate rock

Complete the sentence: The texture of slate is , which means it has particles.

  • Arough, big
  • Bsmooth, big
  • Csmooth, small
  • Drough, small


Which of these is not a good way of grouping rocks together?

  • ABy smell
  • BBy color
  • CBy texture
  • DBy durability


The word permeable describes whether a rock allows water to soak through it. Complete the sentence: A rock that does not allow water to soak through is called .

  • Apermeable
  • Bimpermeable
  • Cstrong
  • Dabsorbent


Complete the sentence: rocks like chalk can be easily scratched and crumbled if rubbed against a harder surface.

Teacher's hand writing the word teacher on a blackboard
  • AHard
  • BSmooth
  • CRough
  • DSoft


A class investigated how long it took different types of rocks to absorb the same amount of water.

The table shows the results.

Type of RockGraphiteChalkMarbleLimestone
Time Taken for 10 mL of Water to Soak Through (Seconds)1052020045

Which rock is the most permeable?

  • AMarble
  • BLimestone
  • CChalk
  • DGraphite

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