Lesson Worksheet: Addition and Subtraction Equations Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice writing and solving addition and subtraction equations.


The equation 12โˆ’๐‘ก=8 can be solved using a tape diagram as shown.

The next step to solve the equation is represented by the given diagram. What is added to 12โˆ’๐‘ก to make 12?

  • A12๐‘ก
  • Bโˆ’12
  • C12
  • D๐‘ก
  • Eโˆ’๐‘ก

This leads to the following diagram given that 12โˆ’๐‘ก=8.

Which of the following calculations is used to find ๐‘ก?

  • A8โˆ’12
  • B12ร—8
  • C12+8
  • D12รท8
  • E12โˆ’8


Find the solution set of the equation ๐‘ฅ+6=1, given that ๐‘ฅโˆˆโ„•.

  • Aโˆ…
  • B{โˆ’5}
  • C{โˆ’7}
  • D{7}


A submarine was at a depth of 237 meters below sea level and then it rose up 70 meters. Calculate the new depth of the submarine.


There were 28 bees in a beehive and 42 bees collecting pollen from nearby flowers. How many bees were there altogether?


Given that 5+๐‘›=โˆ’5, find the value of ๐‘›.


The diagram can be used to solve the equation ๐‘ โˆ’23=96.

What is the missing number in the diagram?

What is the value of ๐‘ ?


Mona has 85 stamps. She gave 25 to her friend. How many stamps does Mona have left?


Omar went to the supermarket and bought a bar of chocolate for $3.03. When he returned home, he found he had $4.61 left. Write an equation to find how much money Omar had before going to the supermarket, and then solve it.

  • A๐‘šโˆ’3.03=4.61, ๐‘š=7.64
  • B3.03โˆ’๐‘š=4.61, ๐‘š=7.64
  • C๐‘š+3.03=4.61, ๐‘š=1.58
  • D๐‘šโˆ’3.03=4.61, ๐‘š=1.58


Find the solution set of ๐‘ฅโˆ’(โˆ’3)=5 in โ„•.

  • A{โˆ’8}
  • B{2}
  • C{โˆ’2}
  • D{8}


Find the solution set of ๐‘ฅ+3=25 in โ„ค.

  • A{22}
  • B{โˆ’22}
  • C{โˆ’28}
  • D{28}

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