Worksheet: Subtracting Equal Groups

In this worksheet, we will practice using subtraction to find the number of equal groups when dividing.


There are 16 flip-flops.

How many pairs of flip-flops are there?

Hint: Make groups of 2. Use the number line to help you.


Michael is making houses out of sticks. Each house needs 5 sticks.

He has 15 sticks. How many houses can he make?


Mason has 20 oranges.

He is going to put them into bags of 5.

After he makes 2 bags of oranges, there are oranges left.

When there are no oranges left, he has made bags of 5.


Elizabeth baked 10 cookies.

She wants to put them in bags of 2. Help her find how many bags she needs.

Find the missing number.

How many bags of 2 cookies can she make?


Scarlett has 40 eggs.

A box holds 10 eggs. How many boxes will she need?

Hint: Use the number line. How many groups can you make before there are 0 eggs?

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