Worksheet: Muscles and Movement

In this worksheet, we will practice on how to recognize that humans have skeletons for movement.


Which of these is the muscle that pumps blood around the body?

  • AThe lungs
  • BThe heart
  • CThe kidneys
  • DThe tongue


Muscles work in pairs. When we move a joint, one muscle gets shorter (contracts) and the other gets longer (relaxes).

When you bend your arm as shown, which muscle contracts?

  • ABiceps
  • BTriceps

What happens to the triceps muscle when the arm is bent?

  • AIt contracts.
  • BIt relaxes.


Muscles and joints allow our bodies to move. This joint is called the elbow.

What part is shown in the label marked A?

  • ATendon
  • BJoint
  • CLigament

Tendons attach muscles to the bone. Which labels show the tendons?

  • AA and C
  • BA and B
  • CB and C


This lady is doing an exercise called yoga. Which muscles is she mainly using to stretch her upper body?

Young woman practicing yoga-72 ppi
  • ABiceps and triceps
  • BStomach and back muscles
  • CHamstrings and quadriceps


Look closely at the diagram of Anthony’s arm.

Which muscle contracts (shortens) when Anthony bends his arm?

  • AThe biceps
  • BThe radius
  • CThe triceps

Which muscle contracts when Anthony straightens his arm?

  • AThe biceps
  • BThe ulna
  • CThe triceps


The diagram shows some of the body’s main muscles.

Which two muscles are used to climb up the stairs?

  • ACalf and thigh
  • BAbdominal and pectoral
  • CCalf and abdominal

Which muscles are used to smile?

  • APectoral muscles
  • BShoulder muscles
  • CJaw muscles


Our bodies have three different types of muscle. What name is given to the heart muscle that pumps blood around the body and keeps us alive?

  • ACardiac muscle
  • BSkeletal muscle
  • CSmooth muscle


The image shows an elbow joint.

What is attached to the bones to help the arm bend?

  • AMuscles
  • BShoulders
  • CSkin


Natalie is lifting weights at the gym. Which part of Natalie’s arm pulls her forearm upwards?

Female arm lifting dumbbells-72 ppi
  • AMuscles
  • BLigaments
  • CElbow
  • DTendons

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