Worksheet: Unit Ratios

In this worksheet, we will practice writing a ratio in the form n : 1 or 1 : n.


The given illustration shows a set of marbles. What is the unit ratio of blue marbles to red marbles?

  • A82
  • B41
  • C28
  • D14


True or False: Is 51 defined as a unit rate?

  • ATrue
  • BFalse


There are 18 boys and 9 girls in a class. Write the unit ratio of boys to girls.

  • A189
  • B12
  • C19
  • D21
  • E181


Which of the following is a unit rate?

  • A242
  • B112
  • C121
  • D224
  • E124


A school has 330 students and 11 teachers. Determine the number of students for each teacher.

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