Worksheet: Adding by Counting On: Numbers up to 10

In this worksheet, we will practice adding within 10 by counting on from one of the numbers.


I have a strange set of dominos. The dots on one side are hidden by a sticker. The sticker tells you how many dots are hiding under it.

What is the total number of dots on this domino?


Elizabeth puts 8 toys in her bucket. Then, she adds 2 more. How many does she have now?


There are 5 footballs in the box. I am going to put two more footballs into the box.

Count on from 5 to find out how many footballs will be in the box.


Benjamin knocked over a bucket of balls. 6 balls were left in the bucket.

Benjamin is going to count all the balls. He doesn’t have to start counting at 1. What number can he say first when counting the balls?

How many balls are there altogether?


To find 5 plus 4, we can start at 5 and count on 4.

Finish counting forward to find the answer to 5 plus 4.


Hannah put her counter on 4, then moved it forward 3 spaces.

Help Hannah find the missing number.

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