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Lesson Worksheet: The Body Parts of a Bird Science

In this worksheet, we will practice identifying the main body parts of a bird and describing their function.


Which body part helps the eagle (a bird) to see the rabbit to catch it?

bird hunt rabbit

  • AIts beak
  • BIts wings
  • CIts legs
  • DIts eyes


This eagle is trying to catch fish to eat.

How do claws help the eagle?

  • AClaws help the eagle to see the fish.
  • BClaws help the eagle to catch fish from the water.
  • CClaws help the eagle to fly.


A swan eats fish from a lake.

White swan takes an unusual pose

Which part of its body helps it to catch fish from the water?

  • AIts legs
  • BIts beak
  • CIts claws
  • DIts eyes


Select the correctly labeled picture.

  • A
  • B
  • C


What is this bird using its beak to do?

Mother bird feed her little babies
  • AFeed its babies
  • BSee its food
  • CFly


This bird has caught a worm.

single bird on grass pulling up a worm

Fill in the blanks: Birds use their to hop around on the ground to find .

  • Abeaks, their nests
  • Bclaws, their babies
  • Clegs, food


What do claws help birds do to their food?

A male White-tailed eagle carrying a very large Coalfish
  • AHold it
  • BCatch it
  • CBoth


Wings help eagles to find their food in the desert.

Greater Spotted Eagle

Describe how wings help eagles.

  • AWings help eagles to hop around on the ground.
  • BWings help eagles to fly.
  • CWings help eagles to catch their food from the ground.


Which body part helps a bird see its food?

  • ABeak
  • BWings
  • CEyes
  • DClaws


Which arrow is pointing to the bird’s wing?

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