Lesson Worksheet: Comparing Lengths of Paths Mathematics • 2nd Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice how to compare the lengths of paths that are not straight by measuring and adding each part to find the total length.


Which color line is longest?

  • ABlue
  • BRed
  • CYellow


Liam and Jacob are playing Snake. The following picture shows the final result. Based on the figures, who is the winner?

  • ALiam
  • BJacob


Everyday Matthew runs from point A to point B and David runs from point C to point D. Use the following model to determine who runs more.

  • ADavid
  • BMatthew


The following figure shows what Noah does after work. He goes home and then he goes to the gym. Which of the paths he takes is longer?

  • AHome to gym
  • BWork to home


Noah and Benjamin are in the same class. The following picture shows the paths they take from the class door to their desks. Use this picture to determine which of them walks a longer distance to his desk.

  • ANoah
  • BBenjamin


Which color represents the longest path?

  • ABlue
  • BOrange
  • CBlack


Which path is longer?

  • AD
  • BC
  • CA
  • DB


Anthony and Mason are digging to find a treasure on an island. Using the following model, who will find the treasure first?

  • AAnthony
  • BMason


Michael and Jacob enter a labyrinth. If Michael takes the blue path and Jacob takes the red one, who will get out of the labyrinth first?

  • AJacob
  • BMichael


There are two different roads between city A and city B. The given model shows these roads.

If you are in city A and you need to go to city B, which road should you take to arrive faster?

  • ARoad 2
  • BRoad 1

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