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Worksheet: Comparing Numbers within 100 Using Words


Is Group C greater than Group D?

  • Ano
  • Byes


Mason has written 31 and 39 in place value tables.

Does 39 have more, less, or the same number of tens as 31?

  • Aless
  • Bmore
  • Cthe same number

Does 39 have more or less ones than 31?

  • Amore
  • Bless

Pick the smaller number.

  • A39
  • B31


Scarlett says that 53 is greater than 67. Is this true or false?

  • A false
  • B true


Amelia has written 47 and 24 in place value tables.

Which has more tens?

47 is 24.

  • Agreater than
  • Bless than


Which is greater 97 or 77?


Look at the numbers on the cards.

36 has tens than 57.

  • Aless
  • Bmore

36 is than 57.

  • Aless
  • Bgreater


Which number makes this sentence true?


Which words make this sentence true?

Three tens and four ones are 34.

  • Aless than
  • B greater than
  • C equal to


Emma thinks that the number in Group C is greater than the number in Group D.