Worksheet: Adding Mixed Numbers with Like Denominators

In this worksheet, we will practice adding two mixed numbers that have the same denominator by adding the wholes and the fractions using models, such as tape diagrams and number lines.


Write 9 plus 14 as a mixed number.

  • A914
  • B212
  • C113
  • D214


A triangle has sides of length 389,749, and 979. Find the perimeter of the triangle.

  • A1719
  • B259
  • C2119
  • D1519
  • E1919


Sarah is going to put a fence around her rectangular garden. If the garden is 1427 by 1267 yards, how many feet of fencing will she need?

  • A13557 ft
  • B5427 ft
  • C8137 ft
  • D16267 ft
  • E2717 ft


Use the figure to find the length of the segment connecting the centers of the two smaller circles.

  • A2857
  • B3757
  • C3557
  • D3657
  • E157


William had 23 LE. He then bought a pen for 314LE and a notebook for 434LE. How much money does he have left?

  • A1814LE
  • B15LE
  • C2412LE
  • D1934LE


James has two posters. One is 538 feet wide and the other 278 feet wide. Will the two posters fit beside each other on a wall 7 feet wide?

  • Ano
  • Byes


Determine the sum of 413, 313, and 813.

  • A2213
  • B413
  • C326
  • D213
  • E1213


Add 37+67. Write in simplest form.

  • A1849
  • B127
  • C314
  • D37
  • E227


Find the result of 415+815+715 in its simplest form.

  • A215
  • B1415
  • C415
  • D2415
  • E730


Mrs. Miller made noodle soup last weekend. She used 47pounds of noodles on Saturday and 47pounds on Sunday. How many pounds of noodles did she use that weekend?

  • A117
  • B1649
  • C27
  • D217


Calculate 323213.

  • A23
  • B13
  • C123
  • D113
  • E213


Charlotte ran 514 km from her house to the gym. Then, she ran 414 km to the supermarket. How far did she run in total?

  • A1114 km
  • B1014 km
  • C934 km
  • D912 km
  • E914 km

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