Lesson Worksheet: Estimating Products: Multiply Numbers up to Three Digits Mathematics • 5th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice using rounding and compatible numbers to estimate the products of two- and three-digit numbers.


Round 199 to the nearest hundred.

Round 14 to the nearest ten.

Use the above results to estimate the product of 199×14.


Estimate the product 199×93 by rounding the first factor to the nearest hundred and the second factor to the nearest multiple of 5.


The average person blinks about 900 times an hour.

By rounding the number of hours in a day to the nearest ten, estimate how many times a person blinks in a day.

Is this estimate more or less than the actual number of times a person blinks in a day?

  • AMore
  • BLess


Look at how Ethan estimates the product by rounding the three-digit number to the nearest hundred and the two-digit number to the nearest ten.

Use his method to estimate 489×18.


If an airplane has 176 passengers and a ticket on this airplane costs $219, estimate the total amount of money the passengers paid by rounding both numbers to the nearest hundred.


Estimate the product 171×63 by rounding 171 to the nearest hundred and 63 to the nearest ten.


Mia estimates the product of 289 and 17. She rounds 289 to 300 and 17 to 20. Calculate Mia’s estimate.


Estimate the product of 200 and 19 by rounding 19 to the nearest multiple of ten.


The product of 123 and 30 is between 120×30 and 125×30. Which calculation gives the best estimate?

  • A125×30
  • B120×30


Fill in the blank with <, =, or >: 289×47300×50.

  • A=
  • B>
  • C<

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