Lesson Worksheet: Mixed Numbers Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice converting mixed numbers to improper fractions.


Convert the mixed number 1047 to an improper fraction.

  • A744
  • B667
  • C477
  • D747
  • E704


Layan can ride her bicycle 219 kilometers before she starts feeling tired. Express this distance as an improper fraction.

  • A29 km
  • B13 km
  • C179 km
  • D43 km
  • E199 km


Nader works out daily for 114 hours. Write the number of hours as an improper fraction.

  • A32 h
  • B54 h
  • C34 h
  • D12 h


Write 738 as a fraction.

  • A598
  • B859
  • C38
  • D538
  • E54


A rat sleeps an average of 1235 hours per day. Write 1235 as an improper fraction.

  • A575
  • B175
  • C635
  • D365
  • E415


City A is 758 kilometres away from City B. Write the distance as an improper fraction.

  • A618
  • B438
  • C358
  • D128
  • E208


The width of a box is 1016 centimeters. Write 1016 as an improper fraction.

  • A596
  • B616
  • C52
  • D176
  • E116

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