Worksheet: Multiplying Mixed Numbers by Whole Numbers

In this worksheet, we will practice multiplying a mixed number by a whole number by drawing models, breaking apart the mixed number, or converting the mixed number to an improper fraction.


Evaluate 656×8.

  • A23
  • B3164
  • C48
  • D5423
  • E1456


If you exercise every day for 23 of an hour, how many hours would you spend exercising every week?

  • A534 h
  • B4 h
  • C423 h
  • D5 h
  • E723 h


Isabella bought 212 kg of meat for 94 LE per kilogram. If she gave the butcher 300 LE, how much money did he give back to her?




Evaluate 716×2.

  • A13
  • B343
  • C14
  • D1413
  • E916


Evaluate 723×7.

  • A23
  • B3161
  • C49
  • D5323
  • E1423


The actual size of a bracelet is 4 times larger than a photo of it in an advert. If the length of the bracelet in the photo is 116 inches, what is the actual length of the bracelet?

  • A5 in
  • B724 in
  • C423 in
  • D4 in
  • E156 in


Daniel bought a dozen pens. He took 13 of them and then divided the remaining pens equally among his two colleagues. What fraction of the dozen did each of his two colleagues receive?

  • A23
  • B112
  • C16
  • D12
  • E13


Salinas, California, received rain on 310 of the days in January. If this pattern continues for the next 90 days, on how many of those days would you expect it to rain?


Daniel has invited 7 friends over a party. If each of them will have 38 of a pizza, how many pizzas should he order?


15 of the 45 students in a cooking class are studying to be chefs. How many students is this?


A sports teacher asked 56 students what their favourite sport was. He found that 12 of them like football best, 14 of them like swimming best, and 14 of them like volleyball best. How many students like football best?

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