Lesson Worksheet: Subtracting by Counting Back: Numbers up to 20 Mathematics • 1st Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice subtracting within 20 by counting back from the starting number.


On this domino, the dots on one side are covered with a sticker, and the total number of dots is written above it.

How many dots are under the sticker on this domino?


Michael holds up 9 fingers and starts counting down as he puts down one finger at a time. He stops when he is holding up 4 fingers.

Decide whether he was adding or subtracting by picking the number sentence that describes what he did.

  • A5+4=9
  • B95=4
  • C9+4=13


Emma put her counter on 12 then moved it back 2 spaces.

Help her find the missing number:


This is a subtraction machine.

It subtracts 3 from any number you put in.

What number will come out if you put 8 in?

What number will come out if you put 11 in?

What number will come out if you put 19 in?


Hannah is playing a game using number cards. She steps on a number and jumps to land on another number. If Hannah steps on number 18 and jumps backward 4 jumps, which number will she land on?


Olivia and Mason had 12 cookies. They ate some for breakfast. The picture shows the cookies left over. How many cookies did they eat?


If there should be 12 counters in the given model, how many counters are missing?


Complete the missing values in the figure from left to right.

  • A8, 7, 6
  • B10, 9, 8
  • C9, 8, 7


To find 19 take away 6, we can start at 19 and count backward 6.

Finish counting backward to find the answer to 19 take away 6.


Jacob has two cards. Each card has a number on it. If the sum of the numbers on the two cards is 13, what is the missing number on the other card?

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