Lesson Worksheet: Ways to Make 5 Mathematics • Kindergarten

In this worksheet, we will practice using objects and pictures to find different ways to make the number 5.


Which two numbers shown make 5?

TOP TIP: Count the monkeys on the cards to help you make 5.

  • A2, 4
  • B2, 3
  • C3, 4


How many more dinosaurs do we need to make 5?


Look at the blocks. What number is missing?


Michael colored one box in a five frame. How many boxes does Jennifer need to color to complete the five frame?


Complete the following:


Fill in the blanks: The five frame shows that and makes 5.

  • A2, 2
  • B3, 2
  • C4, 2


Elizabeth wants to collect 5 stamps. She has collected 1 so far. How many more stamps does she need?

  • A2 stamps
  • B3 stamps
  • C4 stamps


Which of the following represents making 5?

  • A and is
  • B and is
  • C and is


Michael has 1 marble. Elizabeth has 4 marbles. Do Michael and Elizabeth have 5 marbles together?

  • ANo
  • BYes


Jackson rolled 3 dice to get 3 numbers. Which 2 of these numbers make 5 together?

  • A3 and 2
  • B4 and 3
  • C4 and 2

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