Worksheet: Semiconductors

In this worksheet, we will practice describing the properties of semiconductor materials and describing how diodes are constructed.


Which of the following correctly describes the process of doping?

  • ADoping is the process of coating a pure semiconductor crystal in a metal alloy to act as a conducting layer.
  • BDoping is the process of adding impurities to semiconductor crystals to increase their electrical conductivity.
  • CDoping is the process of giving a semiconductor crystal a net electric charge.
  • DDoping is the process of heating a semiconductor crystal to increase its electrical conductivity.
  • EDoping is the process of coating a semiconductor crystal in an insulating material to prevent currents on the surface of the crystal.


Fill in the blanks: For a semiconductor such as silicon, as its temperature , its resistance .

  • Aincreases, decreases
  • Bincreases, stays the same
  • Cdecreases, decreases
  • Dincreases, increases
  • Edecreases, stays the same


Which of the following statements correctly describes what a semiconductor is?

  • AA semiconductor is a material that has zero electrical resistance at temperatures close to absolute zero.
  • BA semiconductor is a material that, at normal temperatures, has an electrical conductivity that is greater than that of an insulator but less than that of a metal.
  • CA semiconductor is any element from group 14 of the periodic table.
  • DA semiconductor is a material with a very high electrical conductivity but a very low melting point.
  • EA semiconductor is any alloy of two or more electrically conductive metals.

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