Lesson Worksheet: Division by 10 Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice using various strategies such as repeated subtraction and times table facts to divide by 10 within 100.


A teacher wants to equally distribute 80 notebooks among 10 students. Complete the equation to find the number of notebooks each student received: ÷=.

  • A80÷10=90
  • B10÷80=8
  • C80÷10=70
  • D80÷10=8


This robot divides any number by 10 and gives the result as shown.

What will the result of the given case be?


Use the skip counting table to find the result of 80÷10.


Use the number line to calculate 30÷10.


We know that 2×10=20. What is 20÷10?


Find the quotient of 20÷10.


There are 20 pens. How many packs of 10 pens are there?


Here are two number sentences that have a missing number:


What is the missing number that completes both of the number sentences?

  • A30
  • B3
  • C10
  • D2

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