Worksheet: Mass Spectrometry Methods

In this worksheet, we will practice assessing the advantages and limitations of mass spectrometry methods and their suitability for particular samples.


What are fast atom bombardment (FAB) and secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS) useful techniques for?

  • AProtein sequencing
  • BTrace metal analysis
  • CDepth profiling
  • DHalide analysis


Why is inductively coupled plasma (ICP) typically only used as an ionization method for elemental analysis?

  • AIt requires the sample to be dissolved in a carrier gas prior to sample injection.
  • BAll structural information is lost due to extremely high plasma temperatures.
  • CICP produces an unpredictable fragmentation pattern.
  • DOnly low molecular weight molecules can be analyzed.


Fill in the blank: The negative mode of chemical ionization is best suited for the analysis of .

  • Acarbocations
  • Baromatics
  • Camines
  • Dhalides


Which MS ionization technique is most useful for component analysis of metal-containing compounds, leaving fragments intact?

  • AElectron impact (EI)
  • BElectrospray ionization (ESI)
  • CInductively coupled plasma (ICP)
  • DMatrix-assisted laser desorption ionization (MALDI)


What are MALDI and ESI?

  • ASeparation methods used prior to MS analysis
  • BMass analysis techniques requiring external calibration
  • CIonization methods commonly used for biochemical analysis
  • DDetection methods used for spectral fingerprinting


Which of the following is true about sector mass analyzers?

  • AThey are inexpensive and compact.
  • BThey are incompatible with ESI and MALDI ionization methods.
  • CThey can detect only low mass ranges.
  • DThey have low resolution and sensitivity.


How do quadrupole and ion trap mass analyzers isolate ions for analysis?

  • ABy accelerating ions through an electric field
  • BBy accelerating ions through a magnetic field
  • CBy desorption from an electrode surface
  • DBy varying the applied voltage and radiofrequency potentials


Which of the following is not a basic component of a mass spectrometer?

  • ADetector
  • BA sample inlet
  • CDiffraction grating
  • DMass analyzer
  • EIon source

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