Worksheet: Food and Nutrition

In this worksheet, we will practice on how to describe what different animals (including humans) eat to stay healthy.


Gorillas are omnivores. What do omnivores eat?

Gorilla-72 ppi
  • AAnimals only
  • BPlants and animals
  • CPlants only


Giraffes are herbivores. How do they get the right amount of food to stay healthy?

Three giraffes-72 ppi
  • AGiraffes steal plants from other animals.
  • BGiraffes find plants to eat in their habitat.
  • CGiraffes hunt and kill animals in their habitat.


Some animals, including humans, eat plants and meat. Are they classified as herbivores, carnivores, or omnivores?

Hooded crow with worm-72 ppi
  • ACarnivores
  • BHerbivores
  • COmnivores


Lions are carnivores. This means that they only eat meat.

How do lions get the food they need to survive?

Lion-72 ppi
  • AThey hunt other animals to eat.
  • BThey find dead animals to eat.
  • CThey steal food from other animals.


The photograph shows a rabbit in its natural habitat.

Rabbit-72 ppi

What does a rabbit eat?

  • AMeat only
  • BPlants only
  • CMeat and plants

Is a rabbit classified as a herbivore, a carnivore, or an omnivore?

  • AA herbivore
  • BAn omnivore
  • CA carnivore


Plants can make their own food. This is called photosynthesis. Animals have to find food to eat.

Some animals only eat meat. Are these animals classified as carnivores, omnivores, or herbivores?

Grizzly bear-72 ppi
  • AOmnivores
  • BHerbivores
  • CCarnivores


Some animals only eat plants.

Are these animals classified as herbivores, carnivores, or omnivores?

Doe eating plants in garden-72 ppi
  • ACarnivores
  • BHerbivores
  • COmnivores


Frogs eat insects like flies. Larger frogs can eat mice and even snakes.

Would a frog be classified as an herbivore, a carnivore, or an omnivore?

Frog-72 ppi
  • ACarnivore
  • BHerbivore
  • COmnivore

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