Lesson Worksheet: Rounding Numbers up to 10 000 Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice rounding whole numbers to the nearest ten, hundred, andthousand using placevalueand number lines.


What is the greatest whole number that when rounded to the nearest ten gives a result of 1,190?


Round 8,250 to the nearest hundred.


Round 2,826 to the nearest hundred.


Round 5,465 to the nearest ten.


What is the smallest whole number that when rounded to the nearest ten gives a result of 9,950?


Complete the table below.

NumberNumber Rounded to the Nearest 10Number Rounded to the Nearest 100Number Rounded to the Nearest 1,000
  • A8,380, 8,400, 8,000
  • B8,370, 8,400, 8,000
  • C8,370, 8,300, 8,000
  • D8,380, 8,300, 8,000


Scarlett used the digit 4 in the number 7,489 to correctly round 7,489 to the nearest thousand. What did she get for her answer?


Ethan has drawn an arrow pointing to 1,563 on this number line:

He wants to use the number line to help round 1,563 to the nearest ten.

Is 1,563 closer to 1,560 or to 1,570 on the number line?

What number should Ethan round 1,563 to?


One of Hannah’s homework problems includes this number line:

Hannah has been asked to use the number line to round 3,627 to the nearest hundred.

Fill in the blanks: She should round to since 3,627 is closer to this number than it is to .

  • Adown, 3,200, 4,200
  • Bup, 3,700, 3,600
  • Cup, 4,200, 3,200
  • Ddown, 3,600, 3,700


Jackson and Noah want to use this number line to help round 5,691 to the nearest thousand:

Jackson says that 5,691 should be rounded up to 6,000.

Noah says that 5,691 should be rounded down to 5,000.

Who is correct?

  • ANeither of them
  • BNoah
  • CJackson

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