Worksheet: Adding Tens to Two-Digit Numbers

In this worksheet, we will practice adding a multiple of ten to a two-digit number and model this with place value equipment.


Elizabeth is making a road with red blocks and blue blocks. She needs 52 blocks altogether.

Which group of red and blue blocks will make 52?

  • A 1 0 + 3 2
  • B 3 0 + 2 2
  • C 5 0 + 1 2


23 children from Class A joined 30 children from Class F. How many children were there altogether?


Daniel and Amelia are making a bridge out of blocks. They choose 23 green blocks and 30 red blocks. How many blocks do they use altogether?


What is the missing number in +43=83?

  • A30
  • B40
  • C20


Complete the number sentence: 88+10=.


All the robots have been working hard to make new numbers. Which multiple of 10 have they added?

  • A30
  • B50
  • C40


Which number is missing?


Use place value to add numbers.

Pick the correct way break apart 37 into tens and ones.

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D

Add 40 to 37 by adding 4 tens.


Which number is missing?

  • A1
  • B10
  • C9


Natalie is filling a piñata for a party. She has 17 candies. Her mom adds 10 more. How many candies will be inside the piñata?