Worksheet: Rewriting Expressions Using the Distributive Property

In this worksheet, we will practice rewriting algebraic expressions using the distributive property.


Using the distributive property, rewrite the expression (2𝑥8)(6).

  • A12𝑥48
  • B12𝑥8
  • C96𝑥
  • D2𝑥+48
  • E12𝑥+48


Expand 2𝑥(5𝑥5𝑥).

  • A10𝑥+10𝑥
  • B3𝑥7𝑥
  • C10𝑥+10𝑥
  • D10𝑥10𝑥
  • E10𝑥5𝑥


Expand and simplify 4(2𝑥+3)+2(4𝑥+4).

  • A16𝑥+7
  • B6𝑥+20
  • C16𝑥+20
  • D12𝑥+7
  • E12𝑥+14


Use the distributive property to rewrite the algebraic expression 4(𝑥9).

  • A4𝑥36
  • B𝑥36
  • C364𝑥
  • D4𝑥9
  • E36𝑥


Which of the following demonstrates the distributive property?

  • A4+(𝑥+3)=3+(𝑥4)
  • B4𝑥+3=34𝑥
  • C4(𝑥+3)=4𝑥12
  • D4𝑥+3+0=4𝑥+3


Identify the expression which is not equivalent to the other three.

  • A9(𝑥17)
  • B4𝑥17+5𝑥
  • C8+9𝑥9
  • D9𝑥17


Benjamin had b dollars in his savings account and then he deposited $11. seven months later, his balance had doubled. Which of the following is equivalent to his new balance of 2(𝑏+11) dollars?

  • A𝑏+22
  • B2𝑏+22
  • C2𝑏+11
  • D𝑏+13
  • E2𝑏+13


Write an expression in terms of 𝑥, for the perimeter of the figure below.

  • A19𝑥 length units
  • B34𝑥 length units
  • C23𝑥 length units
  • D38𝑥 length units
  • E60𝑥 length units


Find the perimeter of the following shape.

  • A6𝑥+14
  • B3𝑥+7
  • C2𝑥+10𝑥+12
  • D2𝑥+10𝑥12
  • E5𝑥+11


A square of side 3 cm has a square of side 6𝑥 cm cut from one corner as shown in the diagram. Write, in its simplest form, an expression for the perimeter of the remaining shape.


Factor 30𝑎𝑏+45𝑎𝑏 completely.

  • A15𝑎𝑏(2𝑏+3𝑎)
  • B15𝑎𝑏(2𝑏+3𝑎𝑏)
  • C30𝑎𝑏(2𝑏+45𝑎𝑏)
  • D15𝑎𝑏(30𝑏+3𝑎)
  • E15𝑎𝑏(2𝑏+45𝑎𝑏)


A student solving the equation 4(𝑥3)=24 writes down 4𝑥12=24 as their first line of working. What algebraic property did they use?

  • Athe associative property
  • Bthe distributive property
  • Cthe property of opposites
  • Dthe zero property of addition
  • Ethe commutative property


Determine the value of 𝑥 that makes the equation 4(7+5)=28+𝑥 true.


Use the properties of real numbers to rewrite 6(𝑥+3) as an equivalent expression that does not contain parentheses.

  • A6𝑥+3
  • B3𝑥+18
  • C6𝑥+6
  • D6𝑥+18
  • E6𝑥+9


What property is illustrated by the shown step: 𝑥+4𝑥312=0𝑥(𝑥+4)3(𝑥+4)=0?

  • AThe distributive property of multiplication over addition
  • BThe commutative property of addition
  • CThe associative property of addition
  • DThe commutative property of multiplication
  • EThe associative property of multiplication


Which of the following expressions is equivalent to 7(38𝑥)?

  • A2156𝑥
  • B21+7𝑥
  • C217𝑥
  • D21+56𝑥
  • E56+21𝑥


Using the diagram, rewrite 𝑑2(𝑒+𝑓) without brackets.

  • A𝑑2𝑒+2𝑓
  • B𝑑𝑒𝑓
  • C𝑑2𝑒2𝑓
  • D𝑑2𝑒𝑓
  • E𝑑𝑒+𝑓


What property is illustrated by the step 𝑥(𝑥+4)3(𝑥+4)=0(𝑥3)(𝑥+4)=0?

  • AThe associative property of multiplication
  • BThe distributive property of multiplication over addition
  • CThe commutative property of multiplication
  • DThe associative property of addition
  • EThe commutative property of addition


Use the distributive property to fully expand (𝑥+2)(𝑥+3).

  • A𝑥+5
  • B𝑥+5𝑥+6
  • C𝑥+5𝑥+5
  • D𝑥+6𝑥+5
  • E𝑥+6


What property is illustrated by the equation (𝑎+𝑏)𝑥=𝑎𝑥+𝑏𝑥?

  • Athe distributive property of multiplication over addition
  • Bthe associative property of addition
  • Cthe commutative property of addition
  • Dthe commutative property of multiplication
  • Ethe associative property of multiplication

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