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Lesson Worksheet: Dividing by Powers of Ten Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice explaining patterns when dividing whole numbers by increasing and decreasing powers of 10.


The partners in a business shared 35,985 LE of profit equally between them. If each partner received 3,598.50 LE, then how many partners are there in the business?


True or False: When dividing a decimal number by 0.01, the decimal point will move to the right three decimal places.

  • ATrue
  • BFalse


Given that 250÷0.1=2500, the quotient of 250÷0.01 is  2‎ ‎500.

  • Aequal to
  • Bgreater than
  • Cless than or equal to
  • Dless than

This lesson includes 9 additional question variations for subscribers.

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