Lesson Worksheet: Photosynthesis Science

In this worksheet we will practice outlining the process of photosynthesis, stating where it occurs, and describing how a plant obtains the materials that it needs.


What type of organism makes its own food by photosynthesis?

  • AParasite
  • BDecomposer
  • CProducer
  • DScavenger
  • EConsumer


Complete the following: Plants make their own food by a process called .

  • Achemosynthesis
  • Bconsumption
  • Crespiration
  • Dphotosynthesis
  • Edigestion


Which reactant of photosynthesis enters the leaf through tiny pores during the day?

  • ACarbon dioxide
  • BMinerals
  • CLight
  • DOxygen
  • EWater


What is the energy source used by algae and green plants to make their own food?

  • ASound
  • BLight
  • CChemicals
  • DHeat


What does the word photosynthesis mean?

Photo- -synthesis
A Plant Creation
B Plant Food
C Food Light
D Light Combine
E Light Food
  • AB
  • BC
  • CD
  • DE
  • EA


The glucose made by photosynthesis is converted into many other products that are needed for the growth of a producer.

What word describes the organic substances in a producer that are made by photosynthesis?

  • ABiofuel
  • BBiomass
  • CBiomatter


The figure shows a leaf. Why is it green?

Green leaf isolated-edited
  • AIt contains chlorophyll to absorb oxygen.
  • BIt contains hemoglobin to absorb sunlight.
  • CIt contains chlorophyll to absorb sunlight.
  • DIt contains hemoglobin to absorb carbon dioxide.
  • EIt contains pigments to protect against UV damage.


The figure shows a cross section of a plant root.

What is the function (job) of the xylem tissue shown in the figure?

  • AIt transports minerals made in photosynthesis down from the leaf.
  • BIt transports carbon dioxide up to the leaf to use in photosynthesis.
  • CIt transports glucose made in photosynthesis down from the leaf.
  • DIt transports oxygen up to the leaf to use in photosynthesis.
  • EIt transports water up to the leaf to use in photosynthesis.


Which organism (A, B, C, D, or E) is not a producer?

  • AE
  • BB
  • CC
  • DA
  • ED


The figure shows the structure of a leaf. The veins transport materials into and out of the leaf.

What is the correct movement of substances through leaf veins when the plant is photosynthesizing?

Through the Veins and into the LeafOut of the Leaf and through the Veins
BCarbon dioxideOxygen
DCarbon dioxideWater
  • AA
  • BC
  • CE
  • DD
  • EB

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