Lesson Worksheet: Multistep Equations Mathematics • 7th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice solving multistep equations over the rational numbers.


Given that 6𝑥+8𝑥+3𝑥+9𝑥=130, find the value of 3𝑥+6.


If 4𝑥+9𝑥+3𝑥+2𝑥=108, what is the value of 9𝑥+7?


James paid $130 to subscribe to a sports club. The rate for renting a squash court is $30 per game. Since he was a student, he got a $20 discount per game. Given that James spent $360, use the equation 360=30𝑔20𝑔+130 to determine how many games of squash he played, where 𝑔 is the number of games.


Fourteen subtracted from three-fifths of a number is twenty-two. What is the number?


I think of a number.

I add 13 to it and then divide by 3. The answer is 12. What number did I think of?


Find the area of the rectangle with a width of 479 inches and a perimeter of 2223 inches.

  • A625281 in2
  • B523 in2
  • C312681 in2
  • D1113 in2
  • E4513 in2


Fifty-two more than one-seventh of a number is thirty-nine less than the product of two and the number.

What is the number?


Amelia is making brooches to sell at a craft fair. It takes her 5 minutes to make a star brooch and 7 minutes to make a bow brooch.

On Saturday, she spent 434 hours making brooches. She made 3 fewer star brooches than bow brooches.

Write an equation that can be used to find 𝑦, the number of star brooches that Amelia made.

  • A5(𝑦3)+7𝑦=285
  • B7(𝑦3)+5𝑦=285
  • C7𝑦+5(𝑦+3)=285
  • D5𝑦+7(𝑦+3)=285
  • E3(𝑦+5)+7𝑦=285


Two babies were born on the same day. One of them weighed 3 kg and the other 3.6 kg. Per week, the first baby gained 190 grams and the other gained 140 grams. At what age, in weeks, will they weigh the same?


Charlotte has $18 in her piggy bank and Isabella has $11. Each week, Charlotte adds 50 cents to her piggy bank, while Isabella adds $1. How many weeks will it take for both girls to have the same amount of money in their respective piggy banks? What will that amount be?

  • A7 weeks, $18
  • B29 weeks, $40
  • C7 weeks, $25
  • D14 weeks, $18
  • E14 weeks, $25

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